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The Niagara Scheduling View Template allows you to modify equipment schedules from anywhere. Easily control your devices with this easy-to-use interface. This template also includes Energy View, PX View, Alarm View, N4 Alarms To Line Messenger, N4 Alarms To Slack, and a Free Weather Service which can be used on any project. Also check out our widgets.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to show schedules to multiple stakeholders? Why not have a look at View Builder.


N4 Scheduling

View Schedules

View/Modify/Delete Numeric, Boolean, String, or Enum schedules as required.

Tridium mobile schedule

Mobile Responsive

The schedule adjusts to screen size. Easily modify times using your mobile via navigation left/right view.

Tridium Special Events

Special Events

Using a calendar style interface, schedule single dates, date ranges, or weekly schedules.

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