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Niagara 4 Insights


N4 Insights™© is a data and analytics module. Station trends or histories are processed to provide feedback into a station to optimize energy, reduce faults, and create actionable insights. N4 Insights doesn't require any complex tagging or have any license limits. It uses implied tags and BQL to retrieve the data required for analysis.

N4 Insights has a web API so 3rd party integrators can retrieve data without any limitations. A combination of polling and caching is used to limit the usage of station resources.

Algorithms include AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM, etc. The interval period is automatically calculated to show the correct volume of data. The data retrieved can be used with N4 View Builder™©. Data is plotted on a Line Chart and can be compared with previous date ranges. + or - arrows indicate whether data has increased or decreased over the periods selected.

N4 Analytics - if you have created station analytics using algorithms and tagging, data can be plotted onto charts for analysis. Export data in CSV format to further analyze data.

N4 Automated Reports - create daily, weekly, monthly automated reports. Drag n' drop histories, points, alarm tables, and other niagara objects onto email templates. Or use it for tenant billing purposes.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to manage and visualize data for all your customers? Why not have a look at View Builder?



Algorithms include AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM, and COUNT. Large recordsets are quickly processed in the most efficient way, server-side.


The interval period is automatically calculated to show the correct volume of data. Standard times ranges are included: today, yesterday, thisWeek, lastWeek, thisMonth, lastMonth, thisYear, lastYear, weekToDate, monthToDate, yearToDate, or custom.

Any Station

N4 Insights has its own Web Api and can be used on any station to retrieve data quickly using an advanced caching mechanism.

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