Software Development

We have a dedicated team of the very finest software developers and engineers. We are proud to have successfully implemented systems for many clients in many different industries. Get in touch today with no obligation.

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Tridium Niagara 4 Graphics

Niagara IOT technologies and modern toolsets allow you to build a powerful Niagara dashboard which is real time, data-driven, and cost effective. We offer a wide range of Tridium BMS graphics and widgets.

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Systems Integration

We develop unique systems that bring together a wide range of technologies both legacy and upcoming with a seamless experience. We have implemented many open protocols such as Modbus, TCP, and Bacnet.

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Project Management

Our previous projects have utilised some of today's most talked about methodologies such as Agile methods. It is essential for our business to complete jobs quickly while maintaining a high standard of quality.

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Recent Works

Here you'll find a selection of our recent projects, reflecting the diversity of our offering and our ability to integrate in different industries.

smart building solutions

Building Management

Asset Monitoring Projects
Building Management
BMS, HVAC, Control

Bringing together different hardware and software.

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tridium partner

Asset Management

Rail Integration Projects
Asset Management
Rail Integration Projects

We have recently done a number of rail integration projects.

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n4 energy manager

Lighting Control

Monitoring Projects
Lighting Control
Monitoring Projects

DALI and Wireless lighting control integration.

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bms software development

IOT Projects

HTML5 Web Applications
IOT Projects
HTML5 Web Applications

Bringing legacy systems into the new-age of the internet.

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Knowledge Works

Below is a knowledge base consisting of various technologies we work with.

n4 software

Setup a FREE SSL Certificate in Niagara

SSL Certificates are free and there are vast number of benefits you’re missing out on. Not only are there obvious security benefits, you also get caching, it provides trust, and gives your customers peace of mind when they visit the page...

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Customers Reviews
What our clients said about us?
Our software solutions are being used by some of the largest companies in the world across 30 countries. Here is some of the feedback from our customers.

"The customers that got the View Builder absolutely love it!"

Ryan (RES Ltd.)
Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for making awesome things happen on the niagara platform."

Christoffer (Celsius Technique)
Godvik, Norway

"So simple and exactly whats needed now a days"

Nairn (e2cBMS)
Scotland, UK

"I am very impressed with the ease of the product and how seamless it has been to utilize!"

Matt (YD Group.)
Texas, US

"The widget is working perfectly for us!"

Esteban (Criticalcolocation)
San Jose, Costa Rica

"They’re working like a charm!"

Troy (Palcon Services)
Buckinghamshire, UK

"Thanks again for all you help, I have implementing the other modules today and they are working great so we are happy!"

Bill (University Of North Carolina Wilmington)
North Carolina, US

"Thanks for the adjustments; they have been really helpful for us to customize the dashboard."

Frida (Honeywell)

"We've been very impressed with not only your collection of widgets, but your support on every issue we've had."

Michigan, US

"That is perfect, thanks!"

Essex, UK

"I used Works Software to write a Tridium Niagara N4.3 program which reduced my project engineering time by 11 days. I will use W.S again on another project."

London, UK

"It works perfectly, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!"

Missouri, US

"We collaborated with WSE on a project. Committed programmers who will finish the job in a professional manner."

Barcelona, Spain

"All thank-you for the commitment you given to make this a success it has been a challenging few months with many unknowns and I appreciate what you have all done in ensuring this switch over was successful."

East Sussex, UK

"Lovely buddy, working a treat!"

London, UK

"Many Thanks!"

Aylesbury, UK

"This looks great!"

Iowa, US
N4 dashboard

Maximize Your Graphics

Used by some of the largest companies in the world